misión / mission / mise

-Nuestra misión es generar un espacio de expresión para artistas contemporáneos que buscan crear conciencia social en un ambiente multicultural.

-Our mission is to provide a space for expression by contemporary artists, who seek to raise social awareness in a multicultural environment.

-Naším posláním je poskytnout prostor pro vyjádření současných umělců, kteří se snaží zvýšit sociální povědomí v multikulturním prostředí.

tým KK / team KK

Franco Augusto Ramírez Gutiérrez
Currently working as a restorer of UNESCO heritage in central Europe. He specializes in sculpture and interior design and cooperates with the non-profit organization “Red Global MX – Capítulo República Checa” as Artistic Coordinator.
Edmundo Ramos

*Estado de México
I graduated BA International Business in 2012 from ITESM CEM  and like a distinctive seal from my former academy I started to work for Danone Group Mexico, naturally (as many others) I thought I  deserved amazing success just because I was doing my job.

The smoke screen quickly went away and the handcuffs remained showing “the promised life” for a young graduated like me, I jumped from one position to another and even  got dizzy with the deodorant perfume  from the young talent programmes at the firm.

I went out of Mexico to Prague in 2016 with one goal only, to find “IT” what I want to entirely give myself without holydays, when always the personal earnings are more that the financial ones and where I don’t need home office because I’m at home already.

Today I happily collaborate with Kulturni Klinika as part of my path.


*Morelos México
Trained in Social Anthropology in Morelos, Mexico. I am a closet fiction writer. 2dan on the harp of the mouth. A fan of Cristian Gonzales’ 90s films and the confusing era of Mexican cinema from the 70s to the beginning of the millennium. I am currently experimenting with video cameras and other forms of expression such as performance in the theater and plumbing installations.
Carlos Casasola

*Cuautitlán México
graduated in 2019 from FAMU’s Master’s Program in Photography. He developed his work in the Documentary Studio with Markéta Kinterová. He stayed in Prague to further his training in Contemporary Art. Casasola joined Národní galerie’s Photography department.

Carlos is a member of Kulturní klinika, a collective of Spanish-speaking artists, who aim to create a space for expression and to raise social awareness among the local and international community in the Czech capital. Kulturní klinika’s first event has been postponed due to COVID-19.

My work in the last decade has been inspired by the interaction between the human conscious and unconscious and the rest of the world. Coming from a place, where crises are commonplace, sparked my interest in Geopolitics and the importance of globalisation. Being contemporary and post-contemporary compels me to express these feelings and vision in my work.

My largest body of work has been in Photography. I have also dabbled with video, 3D, darkroom, and the use of objects. The content of my work is diverse, often bordering abstraction and nonconformity. Nostalgia of my origins is one of my constant themes.
Antonio Andrade

*Calacoaya Estado de México
Mexican poet, writer and journalist, member of the Editorial Board of the Club of Mexican Journalists and the Dictionary of Mexican Writers of the XXI century by the FFyL of UNAM.

When he is not discussing something absurd, doing drama for everything, drinking beer, photographing something, riding a bike or watching a movie or a documentary, he is asleep so please, at that very moment, do not disturb him.
Lives in Prague since June 2018